High-quality hydraulic cylinders & Agricultural hydraulic rams Shipped throughout Australia within 4 days!

We have been manufacturing quality hydraulic cylinders and agricultural hydraulic rams since 1963, and we all know that a reliable supply chain is key in this “just in time” world. 

We have locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane which we ship into and out of regularly from our manufacturing facility in New Zealand.  No more frustratingly long overseas lead times.

Talk to our team to find the best hydraulic ram to suit your application.

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Why choose a Motus Hydraulic Cylinder? We use only the finest raw materials and componentry available


Widest range of Custom Design and SAE stock cylinders


Fastest lead times in Australasia


Individual leak testing means each cylinder is guaranteed not to leak in the field


2-year peace of mind warranty


Our design team expertise means custom solutions are arrived at simply and efficiently


Peace of mind - we are non-reliant on foreign parts, giving you reliable and prompt delivery

OEM Custom Solutions We have a hydraulic cylinder for virtually every application

At Motus, we understand that not all hydraulic rams are the same. We specialise in partnering with OEM’s to design and create suitable cylinders to meet their exact hydraulic requirements.

From fully custom end mountings to complete heavy wall, induction hardened, heavy-duty cylinders, we have the experience and capabilities to cater to all customers big or small.

Hydraulic Cylinders- WRC Range - Motus Hydraulics Australia

WRC Range - 3000psi

Our WRC designed cylinders have been a proven performer, serving primarily the Agriculture sector among others for over 50 years. Its simple, yet highly effective and robust thread-less head design makes our WRC cylinders very quick to assemble and service if necessary.

The WRC head is fully floating and completely concentric, it will not unwind, rotate loose or seize up. The tube we use is full-thickness throughout giving it high mechanical strength - you won’t buy better.

Hydraulic Cylinders- TC Range - Motus Hydraulics Australia

TC (Threaded Cap) Range - 4000psi

Our threaded cap designed cylinders were formed through demand from our customers for something that had a bit more grunt, and would be strong enough to deal with constant strain in tough/hardworking environments - but still be available at an affordable price, 

The T/C was born and it has had a strong uptake from one-off builds to on-going OEM's customers alike.

Hydraulic Cylinders- MAX Range - Motus Hydraulics Australia

MAX Range - 5000psi

Our Max Series heavy industrial rams are designed and engineered with a ‘best-of-the-best’ approach. 

We use the toughest, most reliable materials and components matched with exacting manufacturing quality standards to deliver a range of hydraulic cylinders that will go the distance with minimum maintenance.

Testimonials See what Motus owners have to say about working with us


Case Study – Southstar Equipment

For Motus Premium Partner, Southstar Equipment, being one of the biggest names in the manufacture of tree harvesting attachments means the company works only with trusted suppliers whose components can be depended on to endure in gruelling and often remote logging environments.


Case Study – Farmgear

As a Motus Premium Partner, Farmgear can rest assured its ram requirements will be met. Having its own allocated slot in the Motus production schedule means the Palmerston North-based manufacturer of hydraulic post drivers and mowers can tailor its ordering to meet the highs and lows of customer sales demand.


Case Study - HW Industries

For lean manufacturer, HW Industries, working with a supply partner who also has lean manufacturing systems in place makes for a streamlined and stress-free ordering process. Set lead times and just-in-time ordering means the Cambridge-based manufacturer of Maxi Scrapers can depend on Motus hydraulic cylinders being on hand exactly when they’re needed.

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